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Wonderful Chocolates

Every year my one friend sends me homemade chocolates he purchases at Yetter's Candies for my birthday. They are wonderful, they melt in your mouth. I have on a couple of trips to Pittsburgh stopped in this wonderful little store too. Nice and quaint candy shop.
M. W. Hometown: Richlands, NC , 28574  SEE POST

M. W. Hometown: Richlands, NC , 28574

We all love their chocolate!

We have been ordering from them for as long as I remember. When we moved to VA, we continued to order from them. Now I have moved to NY and I still order from them. They have the creamiest chocolate. My husband is hooked on them now also. You can have 2 pieces of chocolate side by side and you will know which one is Yetters! My other favorite thing is the flying saucers from them. If you have had one, you know what I am talking about. If you haven't, then you NEED to. I look forward to Easter every year. I have to try them for Christmas. Although it is a special treat once a year.


Wonderful Little Store

Wonderful Little Store: Wonderful little store that makes it own chocolate candy that is the best in the burg. From the minute you walk in the door it's like stepping into the past with its old fashioned soda fountain and glass case with all the penny candy that I loved as a child. They serve lunch and have a small deli where you can purchase lunchmeats,cheeses,eggs, bacon, & bread. Before the flood they made their own ice cream which was the best I have ever tasted but the flood destroyed their ice cream maker and the ice cream they serve now is no where near as good as the their homemade ice cream.The store is a must for anyone with a nostalgic bone in their body. I highly recomend this one of a kind store.   SEE POST